The 3 things I always carry with me everyday …

September 20, 2017|By Lauren Davis

Lauren Davis

Day Planner

I am old school when it comes to keeping my calendar, I like it handwritten and always accessible.

DoubleMint Gum

I will never admit how many pieces (maybe packs) of DoubleMint gum I go through in a day. Let’s just call it “a lot.”


My current house, childhood home and place of work are within a 1 mile radius. I am constantly running into friends and clients and this gloss is my quick fix to look professional, even if I am leaving a pilates class.

Tom Riley


I always carry change in my pocket, especially quarters. As an agent, finding parking is a common issue. Even in today’s world of parking apps, it’s reassuring to know I can always feed the meter in the old-fashioned way.

Tic Tacs

Look, no one wants to be the guy with bad breath. In my line of work, I am talking to people all day long so I make sure I have a breath mint nearby.

Measuring Tape

My measuring tape has been used more times than I can count to help a current or prospective client get the exact information they need.

Meghan Stroebel

S’well Bottle

Every morning I leave my house with a cold brew coffee, a Lumi juice and my S’well bottle. I am just one of those people that always has a drink in my hand or very close by.

Set of Keys

I have keys to all our current and upcoming listings to coordinate showings, photo shoots, contractors, etc…I sound like a prison guard when I walk the streets of Bethesda.

Shout Wipe & Go

I am constantly moving from one thing to next, so a coffee spill or pen stain typically follows. These Shout wipes save me a lot of trips to the dry cleaners.