Meet Melissa and Erika: Our Clients on Working With The Lauren Davis Team

May 10, 2023|By Lauren

How did you find the Lauren Davis Team?
Under a rainbow, next to a pot of gold! Kidding, but might as well have been. I was a real estate agent for years with Sotheby’s International Realty up in New York and Massachusetts. When it came time for us to relocate back to the DMV, we had several amazing agents to choose from, but we knew from the moment we met Lauren that she was the one to help us with our search. Once she introduced us to Meghan, we knew we made the right choice with Team Davis! We absolutely loved working with them. They absolutely balance each other out and we had complete confidence in their guidance every step of the way. They dealt with us for a long time, so they deserve a prize for that!

What was the most challenging part of the home search?
The lack of inventory was frustrating, however, we were pretty specific about the neighborhoods we wanted to live in. We also seemed to be in the same pool with a lot of buyers looking for the same places in the same price range. The ladies helped us stay on-course and sent us solid listings when they came up.

Tell us why you chose the house you did?
We absolutely love the location, the yard the decks and the charm. Garrett Park is this quiet little pocket that is close to DC and to the many conveniences of Bethesda, Rockville, and Kensington, with my daily commute now under twenty minutes. It checks so many boxes for us and is a place that we can grow into and truly make our own over time.

What feature of your new home do you love the most?
We love the outdoor spaces and now that we put in new floors, our “new” basement.

Who is your favorite? Lauren or Meghan? 😉
Not fair! We plead the Fifth! Our group text name is “Our Favorite Realtors” and we’re sticking to it 😊