Are You Obsessed With Podcasts? We Are

November 20, 2017|By Lauren Davis

I must admit that I was not one of those uber-cool people who picked up on the podcast explosion early on or even when “Serial” was making pop-culture waves in 2014, but … better later than never.

There is no shortage of incredibly smart, funny and entertaining people producing addictive and informative content to load onto your smart phone. Especially if you’re on the go, podcasts offer an enjoyable lunchtime escape, a welcome distraction to your daily commute or inspirational workout companion. Here are a few of our favorites. Be forewarned –you will be hooked!

Rich Roll With David Goggins

One episode in an excellent series by noted athlete and author Rich Roll, this is a great podcast for working out but the motivation this former Navy SEAL instills goes far beyond the physical. David Goggins’ accomplishments during his decorated military career are nothing short of astonishing and his feats of super human endurance and strength are legendary. Goggins inspires us to achieve our dreams and push past perceived mental and physical limits (“get comfortable with the uncomfortable” is one of his gems). You’ll be ready to run through a wall after listening to this one!

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The mindbodygreen Podcast

Hosted by Jason Wachob, founder & CEO of mindbodygreen, this is another inspirational series that will leave you believing “Yes, I can!”. The company’s mission is built on living one’s best life mentally, physically, spiritually and environmentally. It features interviews with a mix of health experts and business leaders discussing real-life applications to improve your own life. It’s well worth a listen.

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StartUp Podcast

Many of us dream of starting our own business or believe we have a great idea for one. This is the podcast that explores the real-life stories of entrepreneurship from those that have actually tried – and either failed or succeeded. Hosted by Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow, the first two seasons follow the adventures and travails of a single start-up while the third explores a different company in each episode. It’s a highly addictive listen and perfect for those interested in the foundations of business.

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Making Oprah

For anybody that loves documentaries, here’s a fascinating one. Only three episodes, ‘Making Oprah’ delves into the creation of the biggest daytime talk show ever, from its uncertain foundation to unparalleled popularity. The first episode of ‘Oprah’ aired 30 years ago, so it’s an appropriate time to take stock in the phenomenon that was and is Oprah.

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